Strategies To Building Customer Relationship With Social Media

Nieka Ranises

Social media platforms are no longer limited to content sharing. Rather, brands and consumers leverage them to share their ideas and stories and connect with each other. 

To grow your business, you can buy Instagram followers online from a trusted source and engage with them to develop connections. Over half of the population is on social media these days, so what other medium can be better for building relationships with your audience? 

With us, dive into the importance of building customer relationships and how you can leverage the potential and opportunities social media offers. 

Why Is Customer Relationship Important? 

Developing a long-term relationship with your customers is possible in their virtual vicinity. Businesses are after consumer feedback and reviews, and social media, with 3.4 billion users worldwide, is a great avenue. 

Your work is not over after you have converted a lead. Instead, you will have to nurture a relationship with them so that they keep coming back. 

With customers who stay enthusiastic about your brand, not only will you keep getting orders from them, but they will also refer your business to their friends and family. Building robust relationships is, therefore, important, and it should be an essential element in your marketing strategy. 

We break down a few top secrets of building healthy relationships with customers to obtain long-term benefits. 

Nine Ways To Build Customer Relationships Through Social Media

When you have done a lot of hard work to build a community for your brand on social media, why not nurture them and convert them into long-term relationships? 

  1. Create A Customer Service Social Media Channel

One of the major aspects of social media listening is monitoring and responding actively to conversations about your brand. Determine the conversations that need immediate attention and engage with your target audience. 

Be it a post to praise your brand, a query posted by your prospect, or a complaint your customer is making; your brand should continue the conversation to enhance relationships. 

  1. Use Social Media Listening Appropriately 

Social media listening refers to the act of actively monitoring certain keywords or topics related to your brand. It helps you make the most of social media platforms by finding important mentions and embracing opportunities. 

By keeping track of the important topics being discussed about your industry or across your brand, you will find ways of improving your campaigns. Leverage the potential and try solving the problems if your prospects are facing some to build trust and loyalty. 

  1. Offer Incentives And Rewards

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Everyone, right? It is one of the major reasons why holding contests and organizing giveaways always works for brands. Customers love getting rewards, and they feel valued when you recognise them in front of your other followers. 

Giveaway posts on social media platforms like Instagram always involve viewers in leaving comments and tagging their other friends. It is an effortless way of engaging more people and keeping your followers excited about the free gift. 

You can also organize for some flash sales on your social media handles, where you give free gifts, discount coupons, etc. Create a custom strategy for your brand and watch it work wonders. 

  1. Provide Personalised Customer Experiences

Personalization is one of the best ways of creating a lasting relationship with your customers. For instance, the live chat option that websites and mobile days integrate into their application to provide a personal experience to their customers. 

A few other ways in which you can personalise your customers’ experience are including their first names in newsletters and emails. Moreover, whenever you interact with your customers on social media or serve them with a raised concern, try to create a personal connection. 

  1. Embrace The Brighter Side Of Social Media

Social media is not only about trolling and negative comments. There is a bright side, too, and you can embrace that for your brand. There are times when happy customers mention brands on social media. When someone does the same for you, show gratitude. 

Respond to them, appreciate their effort, and show them that their opinion is valued. Social media monitoring will help you trace all mentions about your brand. Furthermore, by addressing the comments of your customers, your reputation improves. 

6. Humanize Your Brand

Brands are no longer an artificial entity for customers. The internet, more specifically social media platforms, has introduced the need for transparency between brands and customers. Over 54% of users usually research product reviews on social media before they decide to buy. 

Your brand’s response should not seem artificial or made-up; rather, keep it natural. Indulging in honest and more humanized conversations with your audience will help strengthen your business persona. Leave behind traditional customer support, track sentiments, and try to decrease customer churn. 

7. Build An Online Community

Your focus should be to build an online community for your brand on social media, too. Call your participants to participate, whether it is through a Facebook group, or by asking them to use branded hashtags. Building a community will help you in the long run. 

You can post valuable content and information about your business’s niche and engage with your customers. This helps promote your products or services naturally in front of your target audience and also provides value to others. 

8. Provide Value On Social Media

When it comes to social media postings, you will have diverse posts. Publishing similar content every day will not entice your audience, rather, they will get bored. That said, some of the posts will be promotional in nature, but you should also publish some valuable posts. 

You can post some blog content on the website and on social media handles, too. To inform your audience, you can also post some valuable videos on the benefits of your product, what makes you stand out, and more. 

9. Listen To Customers’ Feedback

Customers provide feedback when they love or hate a service or product. Your brand’s action depends entirely on what you decide to do with the feedback. You can show your customers that you value their feedback and put their suggestions into practice. 

Paying attention to customer feedback and implementing it in your system will help your brand develop great relationships with your customers. 

Get Started With Building Relationships

Draft a robust overall customer engagement and relationship-forming strategy to provide the best customer experience. Social media is a great tool for brands who want to thrive online. 

If you want your followers to stay engaged with your brand and keep coming, create valuable content and offer the best. It will not only convert them once but will also drive them toward the retention phase in your funnel. 


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