The Best Youth Baseball Gloves in 2024 [Reviews]

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If you’re thinking about buying a youth baseball glove for your child, you might be wondering what kind is best. Despite the best baseball gloves on the market, what would be perfect when it comes to performance?

You needn’t worry! Having some of the best baseball gloves for youth here with me in terms of comfort and quality is why I come here. Infielders and outfielders should use the same baseball gloves. 

Getting started as soon as possible!

15+ Best Youth Baseball Gloves Reviews in 2023

Rawlings Sure Catch T-Ball Glove

Rawlings Sure Catch T-Ball Glove

A Rawlings bat is always a good choice, and starting your kids off with Rawlings is also a good idea. Baseball gloves manufacturer Rawlings delivers the best customer service in the business, making them the industry leader. 

It’s the perfect gift for your 5-year-old if you’re looking for something special. This product is designed to meet the specifications of 5-year-olds, making it almost perfect for them. In this way, they can begin working with glove-friendly materials at an early age, giving them a joy of playing the game. The most important factor is that they are lightweight and break in super fast, so they are ready to go right out of the box. 

These gloves are made from a material that will make your 5-year-olds thoroughly enjoy wearing them. As well as this, they have another feature called “Sure Catch Technology” that allows them to grip the ball immediately upon putting it on. 

Rawlings R9 11.5-Inch Glove

Rawlings R9 11.5-Inch Glove

A player’s first thought when considering baseball gloves is Rawlings. So it should come as no surprise that Rawlings R9 Series gloves are highly popular among young players.

Although Rawlings offers plenty of other great youth baseball gloves, it’s not just about the brand. The fantastic features and design of this glove make it a top seller among youth baseball gloves.

Made of a soft, yet durable leather that is designed to last for seasons, the Rawlings R9 Series 11.5-Inch glove is a great addition to your glove collection. If your child wears this glove out, you won’t need to buy a new one! Once the Rawlings R9 Series is broken in, a quick game of catch will get the ball rolling.

Infielders and pitchers should use this glove, according to Rawlings. It, however, may make a good first outfield baseball glove for younger children, such as 7 to 9 years old, due to its modified trapeze webbing and 11.5-inch pattern. Hard hit or thrown balls will be less painful on the hand with this glove’s reinforced palm pad.

Rawlings Player Series Youth Glove

Rawlings Player Series Youth Glove

There are also Rawlings Player Series Youth Gloves to cater to young players with small hands. These gloves are just as performance-worthy as any other series and are also designed to fit small hands perfectly. 

With both good hand orientations available, you can pick the glove that’s best for your 5-year-old or 7-year-old. This glove comes in a specific size, which is perfect for infielders, which is 10 inches long. In addition to being able to close easily, the glove shell is soft and pliable, which also helps young athletes learn how to close and control while playing sports. 

Their lightweight properties are due to the vinyl material. At any position, you can learn the basics with this basket web.  

Shoeless Joe Joe Junior 10-Inch Glove

Shoeless Joe Joe Junior 10-Inch Glove

Players of all ages, even those in youth groups, desire an entirely unique glove. The Rawlings R9 model they want is different from what everyone else has. It’s important to them to have something unique and cool. There’s a baseball glove called Shoeless Joe Junior.

Shoeless Joe gloves are famous for their appearance and feel. Various spices and mixtures are used to age and rub the leather of these gloves so they appear vintage. Shoeless Joe Junior looks like it has been around forever, but it’s a brand new glove for kids!

You can’t find anything like these gloves from another brand. They’re not just cool, they’re authentic vintage-feeling. Every glove is unique and unstructured because the leathers are hand cut and sewn.

A 10-inch pattern makes Shoeless Joe Junior 1000JRIW the ideal choice for younger children. There is no better baseball glove for 8- to 10-year-olds than this one. I Web allows the glove to be used effectively in the infield.

Rawlings HOH Mark Of A Pro 11.25-Inch Glove

Best Youth Baseball Gloves

Rawlings HOH Mark Of A Pro youth baseball gloves have 11.25-inch patterns and are recommended for players between 9-13. Infielders will love this smaller pattern and higher quality materials that bring the same I-Web technology as Rawlings Prodigy.

One example is Rawlings Heart of the Hide (HOH) shell, which is made of steer hide leathers that are in the top 1% of all Rawlings steer hide leathers. Each Mark Of A Pro youth glove is constructed from the same high-quality material that Rawlings uses in its high-end adult gloves.

Rawlings HOH Mark Of A Pro youth gloves are further guaranteed to be of high quality by being handcrafted. Competing youth baseball gloves rarely feature such a feature.

Infield baseball gloves for youth are designed to provide comfort, protection, and performance. You can rest assured your young player will not feel the sting of a sharp line drive with the Reinforced Palm Pad. Any young player can enjoy the soft and relaxed fit of full-grain leather finger back linings.

Rawlings Select Pro Lite Youth Glove

Rawlings Select Pro Lite Youth Glove

There are great gloves in the Rawlings Select Pro Lite Youth Gloves series, as well. Rawlings never compromises when it comes to delivering the best. A glove that caters to the play style and performance of 8-year-olds may be purchased.

These gloves are the best 11-inch baseball gloves available. The products come in both hand orientations, so your child can choose the product that is right for him or her. Gloves for 8-year-olds are available in a variety of styles and colors. Enhanced visibility on the field is possible thanks to their Pro-I web. The all-leather shell and palm lining offer a comfortable feel and enhanced shock absorption, making this a great choice for young players, particularly those under eight years of age. 

As well as being lightweight, they are easy to close and control thanks to the lightweight textured vinyl. It takes the gloves about 90% from the factory to break in, and 10% from the kids to break them in. Thus, the glove has enough flexibility. 

Nokona X2 Elite 11.25-Inch Glove

Nokona X2 Elite 11.25-Inch Glove

Nokona’s performance and quality are unmatched, even at the youth level. Despite being the most expensive glove on the list, Nokona’s X2 Elite Series 11.25-inch glove offers exceptional value.

As a matter of fact, the kangaroo leather is an important feature of this high-end youth baseball glove. The lightweight nature of kangaroo leather makes it ideal for baseball gloves. The leather also makes this glove very durable, making it one of the toughest in the world.

Exceptional gloves are made from Kangaroo leather and pre-oiled Stampede steerhide. The Nokona youth glove features a modified trapeze webbing designed for utility. Although, since Nokona’s gloves are made by hand, the +/- 11.25-inch size would be better suited to the infield.

Nolera Composite Padding System lines the interior of Nokona’s Elite Series baseball gloves. A sharp line drive or a hard throw from a teammate will not hurt the player’s hand with this impressive interior.

Nokona Youth gloves are the same as adult Nokona gloves, except they are lighter and fitted with smaller openings. As a result, its price is very steep, particularly for a youth glove.

Rawlings Prodigy 11.5-Inch Glove

Rawlings Prodigy 11.5-Inch Glove

Baseball gloves are designed to teach young players the fundamentals necessary to succeed in older leagues in later years because, as mentioned earlier, the best youth baseball gloves are learning tools. This Rawlings Prodigy glove is ideal for young baseball players as a learning tool.

Rawlings’ Sure Catch Design simplifies closing down on the ball with this youth glove. Because young players’ gloves are too stiff, they often have difficulty controlling the ball. A Prodigy baseball glove measures 11.5 inches and prevents this from happening. Young players perform better and stay longer in the sport when they are more confident with their glove and fielding abilities.

A Rawlings Prodigy also provides greater comfort while playing. With its 3D Palm Lining, for instance, the gloves effectively repel sweat and wick away moisture, which makes playing on hot days much more comfortable. 

The extra padding on the palm and index finger area makes it one of the best youth infield baseball gloves. A hard hit ball will no longer sting!

With its Full-Grain Leather Shell, this top-quality youth infield baseball glove provides durability and shape retention while remaining softer than most leathers. A softer leather also breaks in faster, so your child can start playing right away!

Infielders usually prefer gloves with an I-Web, such as Rawlings Prodigy youth baseball gloves. There is also an 11-inch pattern for players with smaller hands or younger age groups.

Wilson A500 Youth Glove

Best Youth Baseball Gloves

If you are just getting the basics down in baseball, the Wilson A500 series is an absolute steal. In addition to learning various other aspects of the game. With the glove, you’ll learn everything there is to know about the glove and also how to use it properly. 

If you ask me, these gloves are quite perfect since they are 11.5 inches long. Both the performance and the design of the gloves are intended to meet customers’ expectations. All-purpose gloves, or utility gloves, are commonly referred to as all-purpose gloves. 

For each type of glove, there are different webbings, such as I-webs, H-webs, and even closed webbings. As the gloves are available in a variety of styles and colors, they are a good choice for youth. 

Marucci Ascension AS3Y 12.5-Inch Mitt

Marucci Ascension AS3Y 12.5-Inch Mitt

For young players who are at the top of their game, the Marucci Ascension Series 12.5-inch first base mitt is an excellent choice. The laced mitt is made of rawhide USA laces and Steerhide Leather. Despite the roughest games, it will hold up exceptionally well.

There is one post webbing on this youth first base mitt and it has a deep bottom pocket that makes it very easy to ensnare any ball thrown or hit. Additionally, the 12.5-inch pattern and deep pocket provide your infielders with a huge target.

The Marucci Ascension Series finger stalls are designed to withstand hard throws trying to make a quick play. 

This prevents the mitt from bending back and causing a pass ball.

This youth first base mitt was also designed with player comfort in mind. Pads have been added to the palm and fingers of the Ascension Series mitt. The cushioning in this glove provides protection and durability while adding very little weight. Consequently, the player is free to perform to their best ability without fear of painful stings or blisters.

Ascension 12.5-inch first base mitt is perhaps the only drawback. Despite being a high-end glove, it may not be affordable for all players.

Easton Pro 10.5-Inch Jose Ramirez Glove

Easton Pro 10.5-Inch Jose Ramirez Glove

The key to success in baseball is confidence. There is rarely any of it available to new youth players. Other players might have more experience than they do since they are learning a new sport. It is important for these young players to have confidence in their equipment when they are unable to find confidence in their abilities.

These greenhorn ballplayers will benefit greatly from the Easton Professional Series 10.5-inch youth baseball glove. First-year Little Leaguers 7 and 8 years old may find it the best baseball glove.

The first thing to notice about this glove is that it has the same pattern as Jose Ramirez’s. This is just a smaller version for smaller hands. With this pro-inspired design, children can feel like true ballplayers.

Easton’s Flex Notch Technology also helps beginners build confidence. A young player’s self-esteem grows as a result of the glove closing more easily.

Jose Ramirez Easton Pro Series youth gloves are noteworthy for their comfort features, as well as their ability to build confidence. Hog Hide Leather is the material chosen for the glove, which makes it ultra-soft on the hands. The youth baseball glove’s Super Soft Palm Lining contributes to its comfort.

Besides looking great, this glove also feels great! Jose Ramirez’s favorite team is the Cleveland Indians, whose color scheme is navy blue and red. For a bold appearance and impressive texture, every logo is raised and embroidered.

Nokona S-100I Handcrafted Alpha Glove

Nokona S-100I Handcrafted Alpha Glove

Children as young as 12 and 8 years old who are already playing well and who have a burning desire and love for the game. It would be a great gift to give them these gloves. These Nokona s-100Is feature exquisite properties along with a fancy material finish. 

In addition to being available in both hand orientations, the gloves are easy to work with. Designed for fielding, the gloves measure 10.5 inches in length, which makes them perfect for kids just learning to field. 

The gloves on the gloves improve visibility on the field for a variety of fielding positions. 

In addition to being lightweight, the gloves are also flexible and mobile enough for youth players to be able to handle them easily. 

Louisville Slugger Genesis 12-Inch Glove

Louisville Slugger Genesis 12-Inch Glove

Baseball gloves are required to have different qualities for pitchers. It should be lightweight to avoid affecting their balance or hindering their pitching. Furthermore, the ball needs to be hidden from hitters by a closed webbing. Both are important features of the Louisville Slugger Genesis 12-inch glove, plus a few others.

The leather and nylon mesh used in this youth glove are a combination of materials. As the glove has to be strong and durable, especially in fielding, leather is present on the palm and webbing.

A combination of Ballistic Nylon and mesh is used for the glove’s back. As a result, the glove is extremely light, allowing for unrestricted movement. Besides providing breathability and a comfortable fit, mesh and nylon also contribute to the glove’s breathability. There is no need for a break-in period!

Youth pitchers will have no problem hiding the ball until they are ready to deliver it with the 12-inch pattern and Closed Channel Web. This prevents hitters from predicting next pitches based on grip.

With an adjustable Velcro wrist strap, the Louisville Slugger Genesis glove can be adjusted to fit your hand perfectly.

Mizuno Prospect PowerClose Youth Glove

Best Youth Baseball Gloves

Among the best gloves on the market, the Mizuno Prospect series is a great choice. Added comfort and durability are provided by the butter-soft liner. 

They are also made from pigskin leather, which makes them more durable. The Mzo lining in them absorbs all of the perspiration, allowing you to concentrate on the game instead of worrying about the sweat. 

Both hand orientations are available, so everyone can use them. As well as being trusted by many individuals and youth players, Mizuno gloves are affordable, allowing people to experiment with different options and try them out. 

This is the best baseball youth glove for small hands, if you’re looking for something beginner friendly. 

Franklin Tee Ball Infinite Glove

Franklin Tee Ball Infinite Glove

Youth players between the ages of 5 and 12 can use the Franklin Tee Ball Infinite series gloves. Due to their size, they are well suited for smaller hands and provide a great deal of freedom and flexibility. 

In the age group mentioned above, youth players will find the gloves suitable with the size specification of 10.5 available. They are available in both left and right hand orientations. There is shok sorb padding to keep those hard impact balls away from your body. Furthermore, they are quite lightweight and functional. Quite ideal for young players of tee ball. For kids, they come in a variety of colors and styles. 

Under Armour Deception 31.5-Inch Mitt

Best Youth Baseball Gloves

Choosing the best youth catcher’s mitt is all about getting one that is durable, protective and assists you behind the plate. All three of these qualities are present in abundance in the Under Armour Deception Series youth catcher’s mitt.

Steerhide leather is used to make the Under Armour Deception mitt durable. Once your mitt is broken in, you’re ready to play almost immediately.

In addition, the PTH Padding System is designed to absorb ball impact, so the hand will be protected and the mitt will be more durable as a whole. Yes, it handles durability and protection! Additionally, the thicker heel and toe pads offer a greater level of protection throughout the hand.

In addition to better performance, these features also result in thicker heel and toe pads. Impact is absorbed and rebound is minimalized. As a result, if the pitcher does not cleanly receive the pitch, it will not bounce too far away from the catcher. The ball will rebound into the pocket if it’s a little off-target!

In terms of performance, Under Armour’s Deception youth catcher’s mitt features a perforated back that helps reduce weight. As a result, you are able to maneuver better behind the plate. Its wide and deep pocket ensures that any throw the pitcher throws will be caught!

Things To Consider Before Buying Youth Baseball Gloves

Best Youth Baseball Gloves

The following factors should be considered when purchasing these gloves:

Glove size 

It is important to consider your kid’s age when choosing a glove size. It should be something that they can easily work with, and that gives them enough mobility, stability, and flexibility. While wearing these gloves, their performance shouldn’t be hindered in the slightest. As a result, it is extremely important to get the right size. 


There should be a match between the glove size and the position. When choosing a glove, both factors should be taken into account. Infielders, outfielders, and even catchers have different glove sizes that they require, depending on where they play. 

Break in Period

Children might want to use gloves as soon as possible, so flexible break-in periods should be considered. Since gloves need to be comfortable and easy to use, a break-in period is highly recommended before use. 


You should also consider adjustability when buying gloves since these are gloves for youth players whose hands are small, and thus the adjustability factor is crucial.

Brand Reputation 

Brands should consider their long standing reputation and how they are perceived by their customers. There is a particular style and way that each brand makes its gloves for its customers. As a result, you should definitely take this factor into account. 


It would be a good idea to consider gloves that have been purchased and used by many people or customers. Their reviews mention factors like durability, and performance based on their experience, which might be something you want to take into consideration. 


You might want to consider buying something cheap if this is something your kid does for fun and is not so permanent. Your child, however, should get something expensive and full-time if he or she is super serious and into sports. 

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How to Size Your Youth Glove with the Sizing Chart

Best Youth Baseball Gloves

It takes a lot of love and patience to break in kids gloves. After making the investment, it needs to be broken in. It is possible to accomplish this in several ways. Some retail stores offer steaming for a nominal fee if you purchased it at a retail store. Alternatively, you are probably looking for the most effective method for accomplishing this. 

Various methods are used, such as wrapping the glove with a baseball and storing it in the hot trunk of a car or microwaving it. You will discover that breaking in your kid’s glove takes some time. A few companies or Facebook groups can point you to a paid option if you don’t want to go through this manual process. 

How to Size Your Youth Glove with the Sizing Chart

Most retailers or sporting goods stores can use this kids sizing chart. Your baseball player can use it to determine what size glove he or she needs. The length of your child’s glove can be determined by measuring the middle finger. The glove length is determined by the length of the index finger, which further confuses the issue. Variation between the two is 0.25 inches on average.  

The glove sizing chart is a good way to start, but you should ask your child, based on the glove fit chart, which glove feels the best on their hand. As far as I’m concerned, the best science is how they describe how it feels. 

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Position-Based Primary Differences

Best Youth Baseball Gloves

Having been a dedicated travel ball parent for several years, I spent several hours researching kids gloves. My son’s enthusiasm for the game increased as he became more serious about it. There are many different glove styles, constructions, and features that I had to learn quickly. Being a layman parent trying to understand the technical language is hard for me because I don’t come from a baseball background.

Luckily, I translate technical information into plain English for a living. When choosing kids gloves, you should consider the following key factors. The following list is a good starting point for our discussion, and I’m sure I’ll add to it in the future. 

First Base

  • No finger holes and a larger glove size
  • With its unique curved edge, it is ideal for picking up balls thrown on the ground
  • The large size of the infielders’ mitts gives them a larger target to throw at, just like the catcher’s mitt

Middle Infield

  • A glove’s size ranges from 11.25 inches to 12 inches – a longer glove adds more range but also weighs more
  • In making a play, the depth of the pocket matters – from shallow to deep
  • For players to be able to make quick plays for hard-hit balls, gloves should be lighter


  • The gloves are available in sizes 11′′ to 11.75′′ 
  • It is crucial that webbing be closed before the pitch so that the hitter cannot see how the ball is gripped

Catcher Mitt

  • Heavy padding and fingerless – must handle pitches exceeding 70 mph
  • In order to prevent runners from stealing second base, you need a shallow pocket
  • An extremely large mitt measures 32 inches in length to paint a large target for pitchers


  • In order to add range, the gloves are around 12″ – 13″ inches in size 
  • Sun protection is best provided by closed-styled webbing
  • Taking away homeruns from the other team, they make the highlight reel by securing the ball with their deep pockets

How You Can Select the Best Youth Leather Glove

It is important to consider several factors when choosing which gloves to invest in and who makes the best kids gloves. The most important factor is your budget. For parents just starting out, durability, webbing, and size are likely to be important factors. You might be able to live without or with these items. Here are some thoughts to assist you. 

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How Do You Size A Youth Glove?

Best Youth Baseball Gloves

The size of an object is important, especially in relation to its position. A sizing chart for kids is further down the page. Choosing the right size will depend on your child’s play style.  

  • Usually, smaller gloves, such as 11′′-11.5′′ inches, are reserved for middle infielders since they are lighter and enable them to maneuver more quickly. 
  • A size of 11.75 inches or more could be used for the first, third, pitcher, or outfield. Due to the ball’s velocity or running down those flyballs, the extra length is needed to add to range of motion  

Webbing types

Closed or Basket Webbing: Prevents dirt and light from passing through. The purpose of this type of glove is to prevent opposing teams from seeing where the fingers are placed so that they can identify the pitch type.

Position: Pitchers

I-Web: A popular choice among infielders. It is possible for dirt to pass through the glove of the shortstop or 2nd baseman as they scoop up the ground ball. As well as tracking those high fly balls through the glove, the gaps allow the player to learn how to track the ball. 

Position: SS, 2nd and 3rd

H-Web: Both infielders and outfielders can use it. In addition to securing the ball, the extra leather strip provides functionality as well. The utility option is great in general.

Position: SS, 2nd, 3rd and Outfield

Modified Trap: A hybrid of webbings. In addition to providing functionality for pitchers, the trap can be used in both infields and outfields. Larger sizes are generally available. 

Position: SS, 2nd, 3rd and Outfield

Single I-Post: Usually used by first basemen. They are typically larger so that their teammates can see a larger target and scoop up anything they encounter.

Position: 1st Base

Pocket Depth

In my opinion, this feature determines which kids gloves we should choose for my son. The depth of his pocket along with his roles as a 2nd, 3rd, SS and pitcher didn’t offer a true solution. 

  • In the middle of the field, shallow gloves are preferred for making those crucial plays as they allow the ball to transfer more quickly. 
  • For outfield fly balls or hard-hit ground balls, SS, 1st and 3rd bases have a deeper pocket to catch them. 

Because he is truly a utility player on this team, we went with a deep pocket. Our base paths are getting longer in 13U and 14U and he already has a very quick ball transfer. The play still has plenty of time to be made. His coach will be able to determine the best spot for him once he reaches his high school team. 

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Leather Quality

Durability is one of the most important factors to consider. Leather is the most common material used in kids gloves, so dirt, grass, and everything else will not hurt them. The gloves that are available will be a great choice for you if you are just starting out in baseball. You can easily break them in so your young player will be ready for the game by 70% -90% after they arrive. You should consider your budget when choosing leather quality. 

There are four main types of leather:

  • Full Grain Leather: From Cow or Steer Hides; Heavier and stiffer; requires breaking-in, but very durable
  • KIP Leather: Lightweight, easy to break in, luxury cowhide.
  • Steer of Cow Hide: The base of leather, medium to heavy in weight, and easy to break in.
  • Premium Steer Hide: This hide is stronger, stiffer, heavier, and will take longer to break in.


At the end of the day, it all comes down to what kind of gloves you want and how they will cater to your taste and playing style. This is a list of the best gloves in each of their categories that I have narrowed down. You might find it confusing to search through a pool of gloves, so pick something that’s reasonably priced and of good quality. 

Consider narrowing down your options rather than looking at a whole cluster. 


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