The Best Illegal Bats in 2024 Of All-Time

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Your favorite baseball bat or softball bat doesn’t need these words associated with it. Governing bodies set standards for the types of bats that are acceptable in baseball and softball leagues. BBCOR Certification and USA Baseball Bat Standard require bats to pass tests conducted by independent laboratories. A bat can obtain a certification stamp when it passes an independent test, which is notified to the manufacturer.

In the event that a bat does not pass? In that case, the bats are considered illegal or banned.

Bats have passed these tests, but failed a random test given by the League’s governing body (and has happened). As soon as the method is employed, the bat is resubmitted to independent labs for further testing by the governing body officials. Consequently, the bat is decertified in this scenario. In early 2017, DeMarini’s CF Zen suffered this fate.

Best Illegal Bats Of All-Time

These are the best illegal bats, banned bats, and their most similar approved bats, according to officials, vendors, coaches, and customers.

Louisville Slugger (Blue) Meta Baseball Bat

Louisville Slugger (Blue) Meta Baseball Bat

After the initial release of the 2019 Meta, Louisville Slugger ignited the baseball community. Batters of all ages were clamoring to purchase new Louisville Slugger Metas, featuring massive composite barrels and a light swing weight.

In anticipation of Slugger’s next move, everyone eagerly awaited its next game-changing product.

With the release of the Louisville Slugger Meta (blue) in 2020, they followed the most popular bat in 2019. The Blue Meta started off with mixed reviews, but soon became a hot item. There may even be a bit of heat…

Despite the fact that the Meta has been around for over a decade, it is still one of the most popular composite baseball bats on the market. The Louisville Slugger Meta baseball bat (and softball bat) is available in USA, USSSA, and BBCOR models for players of all skill levels.  

DeMarini CF Zen Youth Baseball Bat

DeMarini CF Zen Youth Baseball Bat

Demarini’s CF Zen youth bat models failed to pass the BPF audit, thus, removing them from USSSA certification in April 2017.

DeMarini’s youth baseball bat lineup was reduced by half as a result of the ruling affecting the drop 8 and drop 10 versions of the CF Zen.

Furthermore, DeMarini issued vouchers in a goodwill effort to upset customers.

It seems that the DeMarini CF Zen had a bit too much pop for the youth field, based on initial reviews.

Marucci CAT 5 BBCOR Baseball Bat

Marucci CAT 5 BBCOR Baseball Bat

With the CAT series, Marucci went from being on the proverbial map to the top of the pack.

Only the 33-inch and 34-inch models of Marucci CAT 5 BBCOR bats (MCB2) were banned.

CAT 5 decertification was based on the fact that any player could be a homerun threat.

There wasn’t much time for the governing bodies to notice that the bats were hotter than the sun’s surface.

KAMO Dirty South Bats 

KAMO Dirty South Bats 

USSSA declared various serials of Dirty South KAMO illegal on 4th December 2018 (there were three sizes).

DSB KAMOs (BB KA 8) were declared illegal in the USSSA games shortly after the announcement. There were four illegal sizes announced: 32/24, 32/23, 32/22, and 30/22.

It was rumored that Dirty South bats were popular before the ban went into effect. A lab test confirmed the rumor when league management took it. 

It is clear to me, along with other experts, that KAMO did not knowingly market illegal baseball bats because their products are popular.

Mattingly Balistk

Mattingly Balistk

It was easy to hit with this bat since Mattingly Balistk was such an awesome bat.

This bat was taken to the experiment by the league committee and found to be illegal.

COMBAT B2 Youth Baseball Bat

Best Illegal Bats

There are 71 customer reviews that rate the product five stars.

As the “Da Bomb” of baseball bats, the COMBAT B2 Composite Youth Baseball Bat (B2YB1 -12) deserved its name.

A balanced design and the enhanced sweet spot of COMBAT made any Little Leaguer a blue-chip prospect. Despite the bat’s certification, Little League officials changed their minds in 2011.

Louisville Slugger oneX Fastpitch Softball Bat

Louisville Slugger oneX Fastpitch Softball Bat

The Louisville Slugger oneX softball bat was launched in 2013. The bats were unavailable for a short period of time.

As a result of a manufacturing defect, the barrel and handle cracked–and, in some instances, completely broke–resulting in over 170 incidents.

The Louisville Slugger Xeno became the most popular fastpitch bat after the bats were removed. 

OneX is actually the backwards spelling of Louisville Slugger’s XENO Fastpitch softball bat. The Performance PLUS Composite double wall design of this model ensures that there is no friction between the walls. The Louisville Slugger oneX fastpitch bat was improved by enhancing its flaw.

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How a Baseball bat is Authorized? 

Baseball coaches have a duty to know which bats are illegal in their leagues, big or small. There is a set of rules that determine what type of baseball bat players may use in baseball and softball leagues.

You have probably heard of BBCOR bats and USSA bats if you like baseball. A bat manufacturer is notified after the lab test is completed by the authority.  A corresponding certification is then applied to the bat by manufacturers.

In the event that the bat does not pass, what should be done? The bat is then designated as “illegal or banned.”

Certification does not come easily to league governing bodies. Additionally, they test baseball bats randomly used by players.

When a bat shows signs of suspicion, they send it to independent labs for further testing.

The league’s governing body will “decertify” a bat if it does not pass its tests. In 2017, DeMarini CF ZEN experienced the same thing. 

Many students and guardians of my school’s baseball team ask me which bats are illegal. I wrote an article about this issue as a result.

Deficiencies on the tests aren’t the only criteria for declaring bats illegal. There are times when players temper the bat in order to gain an unfair advantage. 

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Why A Baseball Bat becomes Illegal?

I have so far discussed the illegal baseball bat list. I provided you with a list of illegal bats so that you won’t be forced to buy one. Is it possible to make a bat illegal?

It is possible to make a bat illegal as well. It is illegal to play baseball with a baseball bat for many reasons. Also, in order to avoid making your bat illegal and facing dangerous consequences, I will make those points clear in this article. 

In order to enter the market, a bat must pass some tests. It is possible, however, to improve the performance of the bat by making some modifications. “Doctored bats” or “juiced bats” are common names for them.

Shaved bats are illegal

It is illegal to approach bats while they are shaving. CNC milling machines are used to shave the inside wall of baseball bats. After the shaving process is complete, technicians replace the end cap.

Long-distance ball hits become easier after shaving the bat. Shaved bats won’t be allowed in any league, no matter what kind.

It is not illegal to roll a bat, as some people believe.  

The act of painting is illegal

Identifying marks on baseball bats are often covered up by baseball bat painting. In order to hide unfair bat approaches, players paint their bats.

Paint is usually used by players to alter the appearance of their baseball bats. By altering the bat, it will appear like a legitimate bat, and the umpire won’t doubt it if the player tampered with it.

By painting a baseball bat, you are creating a false statement about the bat. It is NEVER a good idea to paint your bat for style reasons. It can result in long-term punishment, which will mean you will be kicked off the field.

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It is illegal to cork wood bats 

A baseball bat is corked by hand using a wooden bat. A bat is modified in an unethical way to improve its performance.

In this process, drilling is involved. The process involves drilling a vertical hole one inch deep through the barrel’s center. A rubber ball or crock is then inserted into the vacuum and re-sealed, which completes the process.

Filling the end disguises the modification work. In spite of the fact that the bat’s durability and lifespan are decreased as a result of this process, the bat is able to hit harder. Baseball leagues of any kind are prohibited from doing this.

Despite the fact that some people do not believe this process enhances the performance of the bat, the majority believe it does. In order to achieve this, some players today also use aluminum bats with this method. The method can be applied to any bat. It is illegal and should never be done.

Dropping weights illegally

In baseball bats, the drop weight is the difference between the weight and the length.

A negative number represents drop weight. It is a simple process. To calculate a baseball bat’s drop weight, subtract the weight from its length. An ounce is the unit of weight, and an inch is the unit of length. 

I’ll give you an example in case you didn’t get the point. Minor league players aged 13 and above must use -3 drop weight when they reach the senior league. We can calculate that if the bat weighs 28 ounces, it must not be taller than 31 inches (the subtraction should not be greater than -3)

The drop weight in every league must be followed strictly by players.

Bat Weighting

It is illegal in baseball to weight bats in any way. The market offers bats with different weights. The end cap of the bat is typically the point at which the bat’s weight is adjusted. A player may replace the endcap in order to conceal a weight adjustment that is illegal.

“End loading” refers to how the bat is weighted.

Grooved Baseball Bats

There is a huge impact on the ball’s spin that grooves on baseball bats have. Balls fly differently when they are struck by baseball bats with grooves, and they behave strangely in the air.

Bats with grooved surfaces will have inconsistent flight consistency due to their inconsistent surface. Due to this, the ball’s flight becomes unpredictable, and fielders have difficulty grabbing it. Baseball bats with grooves are illegal, and no match should be played with them.

Flat Surface Baseball Bats

Bats with flat surfaces were manufactured in the early days. Bats with flat surfaces are mostly made of wood. Today, this practice is illegal, and flat surface bats cannot be used.

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Bats permitted in different leagues

The reason why legal baseball bats can be illegal has now been revealed along with the types of bats that are illegal. Let’s now discuss which types of bats are permitted by which leagues. It is important to know which bats are allowed in which leagues if you are considering taking baseball seriously.

Major League Legal Bats

It is the highest level of baseball that the players of the MLB play at, and they are among the best in this field. A batter in the major leagues is capable of hitting the ball with such power that dangerous speed can be generated.

A few rules are therefore imposed on the bats used in major league baseball.

Wooden bats are the only ones allowed in the major league. Major league baseball does not allow bats made from bamboo. Because the wooden bat makes hitting difficult, the game is safer for the players and for the crowd.

The white ball cannot be seen against a white bat in the major league, and this can pose a safety concern for pitchers. 

There should be no diameter greater than 2.61 inches on major league bats, and the length should not exceed 42 inches.

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Minor League 

Players in the minor league are considered the pathway to the major league because it is the second most competitive league.

A minor league player’s skill level is expected to be similar to that of a major league player. Therefore, minor league bats follow the same rules as major league bats.

College Baseball 

Baseball bats at the college level have the same dimensions as those in the major leagues and minor leagues. A bat can be manufactured using a different component here, however.

There are three types of bats available in college baseball leagues: aluminum, wood, and composite.

BBCOR ratings are also an essential aspect of college-level baseball bats. BBCOR certification is required for a bat to be legal.

High School Baseball 

It is the same for baseball bats at the high school level as it is for the college level.

Most players tend to use aluminum or composite alloy bats when playing at this level. Many young players prefer aluminum bats to attract scouts in senior leagues because they are great for hitting.

There is a maximum diameter of 2 58 inches, and a maximum length of 34 inches for the bat. It is also mandatory that the bats have BBCOR certification with a -3 drop in order to qualify for certification.

Little League Baseball 

Children between the ages of 4 and 16 participate in the little league. Therefore, the type and size of bats change as a child grows. There are three types of bats available to players: wood, aluminum, and composite. Little league’s official bat rules can be found on their website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an illegal Baseball bat? 

There are several sectors of baseball, each with its own set of rules. Bat usage is governed by league rules, which vary from league to league. For example, wood bats are prohibited in the major league. As a result, aluminum and composite bats are prohibited in Major League Baseball.
The league authority does not permit a player to use some tempering methods that can give them additional advantages. Baseball bats that are shaved increase their hitting ability, for example. Therefore, it is illegal to shave your bat. Each league has its own rules, and if players break those rules, they become illegal.

What happens if I play with an illegal bat? 

There are certain reasons why bats are illegal. It is against the spirit of the game to use an illegal bat, which breaks the level playing field. Illegal bats are punishable differently.
League authorities may fine you or ban you for a season, depending on the offense.


There is a lot of mystery surrounding human nature. The challenge is appealing to some, while others prefer to win, so they take the unfair route. The importance of rules lies in this fact. Hence, rules should be applied ruthlessly.

Baseball matches involving illegal bats are rife with cheating.

Coaches always encourage their students to take on challenges. You get your original satisfaction when you beat your opponent by playing within the rules. It is impossible to be satisfied by unfairness.

Thus, illegal bats should never be used in matches. Keep the rules of the game in mind and follow them. Ultimately, that is more important than winning.

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