The Best Baseball Radar Guns in 2024 [Guide]

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Many hobbyists measure pitchers’ pitching speed with radar guns just for fun on baseball fields. A radar gun is a valid tool for measuring pitching speed as a pitcher, or as a coach. 

Additionally, radar guns come in a variety of quality and price ranges. It’s important to determine which baseball radar gun suits your budget before buying one. Considering what to consider before purchasing a radar gun can help you decide whether you need it. 

Therefore, we will review radar gun facts and propose some top radar guns based on different criteria in this article. 

What Is A Baseball Radar Gun?

Best Baseball Radar Guns

During flight, a baseball radar gun measures the speed of the ball. An radar gun measures the speed of a ball by emitting a signal towards it that is reflected back to it.

Usually, baseball radar guns are either Doppler radars or laser radars. Using a doppler radar gun, radio waves are emitted by the gun and bounce off the ball, returning at a different frequency, allowing them to calculate the ball’s speed. Radar guns that use laser beams instead of radio waves work on a similar principle.

Top Rated Best Baseball Radar Guns

Bushnell Velocity Radar Gun

Bushnell Velocity Radar Gun

It is my opinion that the Bushnell Velocity radar gun is one of the best choices if you are looking for the best value for money. It is just the right gun for regular use. Portable, easy-to-use, and reliable, this handgun is portable and easy to use. 

The MLB is one of the best options if you’re not thinking about breaking it, I assure you. This gun can shoot and catch throws going as slow as 10 mph and as fast as 110 mph. Without a doubt, this is an excellent range. 

In contrast, I do not believe any player can exceed 110mph in throwing speed. Furthermore, Bushnell radar guns are accurate, no wrong reads so far. Additionally, the radar gun can measure speed up to 90 feet away, which is fantastic. 

It is enough distance for a coach to keep an eye on his players’ pitching speed on a regular basis based on this distance. 

Besides throwing and pitching, the Bushnell Velocity can also be used for vehicles. Big vehicles can be sped up or slowed down from up to 1500 feet away. Furthermore, it is capable of shooting 200 mph at its maximum speed. 

As well as being easy to use, Bushnell radar guns come with displays. Keep the gun down the itching line while standing behind the pitcher. When a throw is over, hold the trigger. Find out what the fastest speed your pitcher reached by releasing the trigger. 

There might be a difference of up to 1 mph in the reading from this Bushnell radar gun. 

Stalker Sports 2 Radar Gun

Stalker Sports 2 Radar Gun

It’s one of the best hand-held radar guns to consider if you’re thinking about buying one. It’s from a premium radar gun. 

Due to the rubber texture on both sides of the gun’s handle, it is very comfortable to hold. Despite the excellent performance, feel, and compactness, there is no way you will feel the pitches. Unlike ordinary guns, Stalker radar guns also measure plate speed along with pitching speed. 

Because Stalker Sports 2 has a wider measuring range, it is able to do so. With its 300-foot range, it can measure speeds in a very accurate manner. Shooting and catching are possible at speeds as low as 5 mph and as high as 150 mph with the Stalker Sports 2. 

In addition to plus-minus adjustments and mph offsets, Stalker Sports 2 can give feedback on a pitcher’s pitching. Therefore, the accuracy level is excellent.

Also, the build quality is excellent, as one would expect for a product of this price range. In addition to that, it has a larger screen, a serial data port for displaying, a tripod mount advantage, and both mph and kmph measurements. 


Best Baseball Radar Guns

This Crankshooter Shot Speed radar gun comes in a lower price range that is unusual for mounted radar guns. Even MLB team coaches choose it because of its stand-alone design. 

An all-day performance is not possible with radar guns. When used continuously, it will become lagged and slow. There is, however, one radar called Crankshooter Shot Speed which has been designed and developed for continuous operation without lag. 

The signal can be delivered with maximum accuracy over a long period of time. 

A recent technological development, however, has enabled this radar gun to last longer than its predecessors. Several satisfied customers already use it.

In addition to not needing your hands, it is stable, accurate, and can operate independently. This is unreliable and increases battery consumption when used with a hand. You should use five AA batteries during use to increase the battery’s life.

Pocket Radar Smart Coach Speed Gun for Baseball

Pocket Radar Smart Coach Speed Gun for Baseball

On top of that, I also want to mention that the Pocket Radar Smart Coach is arguably one of the most portable, dependable, and capable radar guns available on the market today, and it is also compatible with Pocket Radar’s free mobile app as well. This little devil caught my eye as soon as I got my hands on it, and I could not help but fall in love with it as soon as I did.

This is one of the best, can be customized, and is very intelligent. The fact that it can be used with all of my modern digital gadgets, despite my fondness for the traditional model, adds to the benefits.

A comprehensive range of tracking applications can be performed with the Pocket Radar Smart Coach since it is equipped with a CSV data file storage capability. Your performance doesn’t need to be tracked manually.

A voice speaker, LED display, and video recording mode are also included. With the app, you can share your auto-recorded videos via email, social media, or text message. The device is easy to use and takes up little space.

With a length of 4.5 inches, a width of 2.25 inches, and a thickness of 0.75 inches, the gun is not more than 4-inches long. There is a 120-foot range on the radar. The gun, however, can shoot between 25 and 130 miles per hour.

Pocket Radar Gun Ball Coach, PR1000-BC

Best Baseball Radar Guns

Radar guns made by Pocket Radar are among the most popular. Radar guns come in a variety of varieties that we have yet to see. This Pocket Radar PR1000-BC also functions as a pocket phone more than as a radar gun. 

There is no doubt that it is a realistic handheld radar gun at a reasonable price. An ergonomically designed stand-alone speed reader that trains baseball and softball pitchers for pitching. Coaches need a precise radar gun that can meet all of their requirements.

This particular Pocket Radar is a bit of a letdown, before we move on. The pitching radar gun app does not work with this one and cannot communicate with it.

Is it really that important? Depending on the situation. For coaches focusing on classes and following simplicity, it has no impact at all. However, some features of the app will not be available to you.

In addition, the radar gun can read up to 120 mph and is extremely durable and lightweight. As far as accuracy goes, this radar gun is among the best. Just put it in your pocket, and it’s compact and easy to use.

Swing Speed Sports Sensors Glove Radar

Best Baseball Radar Guns

Coach is not present while you practice with your catcher partner. In the future, you may prefer a radar gun that does not come with conventional options rather than ones that do.

In this video, we demonstrate the Swing Speed Glove sensor radar gun, a unique and incredibly easy-to-use device. There is nothing traditional about it, and you do not need to spend more than you need to.

The radar is small, and it is used differently from regular radars. Attaching it behind the catcher’s mitt will make it work properly. The country has a wonderful law in place. With a radar, you can measure the speed of the ball passing through the mitt.

A hands-free solution, which eliminates the need to stand behind the pitcher and worry about proper lining. Pitchers are able to practice more quickly as a result. The feedback does not need to be awaited. 

A catcher catches the ball, backs it, and provides feedback to the pitcher. There is no extra hassle associated with having a coach. If you are an amateur player or out of season, this is a perfect practice pitching option.

In addition, radar guns can be found for less than 100 dollars, making them very cost-effective. 

Stalker Pro II+

Stalker Pro II+

In order to deal with professional MLB teams, one needs a radar gun that is highly professional. You may agree that the Stalker Pro II+ is a premium radar gun thanks to its high accuracy and enthusiasm. 

Its incorporation of the latest WiFi technology is one of the primary factors that professionals consider in selecting it. Because of this feature, you can transmit the data immediately to the scoreboard. It can also be used to connect directly to your mobile phone, speed signs, and any proprietary applications you may have.

Thanks to its large screen, it is able to display the data without the need for any additional gadgets.

You can analyze pitching, running, hitting, and fielding at any user level, from little league to MLB. The radar gun also has a slow-motion mode and regular recording capabilities. It is possible to edit the video, add remarks, and share it later.

Here are some other facts to consider. As the price range increases, I expect the accuracy level to increase to 100%. Unless it is more, it will not be worth it. Still, the radar performed flawlessly in the test and provided 100% accuracy without any hassles.

In addition, there is no loss of accuracy. The range of shooting is 500 feet, which is quite wide. 900 mph is undoubtedly an incredible speed, and it can shoot at that speed. The game also has modes for vehicle carnivals and tennis. 

A long battery life is also provided by the radar gun. The package includes a quick start button, a rechargeable battery, and a charger as well as sophisticated carriers. As well as being dust and water resistant, it is also IP67-rated. 

What To Consider When Choosing A Radar Gun

Best Baseball Radar Guns

Here are some key things to consider before making your choice of the best radar guns for baseball:


Tracking a player’s performance or measuring pitch speed requires accuracy. Make sure the radar gun you choose provides precise readings with a narrow margin of error.


Take into account the radar gun’s range. There are guns made for measuring close-range speeds, while others can measure distance speeds accurately. The ideal range for you will depend on your specific needs.

Battery Life

In radar guns, AA or AAA batteries are typically used. There is usually a battery life of up to 24 hours on radar guns, and you should expect this to be the case.

In some expensive gun models, rechargeable batteries are included. By the way, if your radar guns’ batteries fail, their performance may be even worse than it is now. Radar systems may suffer significant damage from this.

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The radar gun you choose should be tough enough to withstand the occasional impact from a baseball pitch or a bad weather condition. Consider a model that is built to last.


When playing a game or practicing, you need a display that is clear and easy to read. Make sure your radar gun has an easy-to-use display.

Data Storage and Connectivity

Coaches and trainers find radar guns useful because some offer the capability to store and analyze data. Sharing data with others can also be simplified by connectivity features such as Bluetooth.

Easy Storage Capability

The gun should be stored after use. It may be hampered by its surroundings if the storing process is complex. So, ensure the radar gun has an appropriate box and storage options. 

Radio Wave or Laser Technology

Radio waves are typically used in radar guns. Radio frequency can sometimes be affected by interference, resulting in an incorrect reading. 

As an alternative, radar guns use lasers to measure speed. There is more advancement in laser technology than in radio frequency technology.

These are the two options you have in this case. You will have to spend more than $1000 on radars that feature laser technology. So, what do you think? Technology that is most advanced requires more money. 


Due to the radar gun’s portability requirements, it must be easy to carry. Radar guns that are much heavier are more difficult to use. 


There are a variety of price points for radar guns. Your budget will determine what radar gun suits your needs without breaking the bank.

A radar gun that is accurate, durable, and functional is the best choice for baseball. With the right radar gun, you can gain valuable insight into player performance and enhance the overall experience of playing baseball.

You can take your baseball game to the next level by investing in a quality radar gun, no matter if you’re a coach, player, or fan.

Identify the radar gun that meets your specific needs and budget by exploring the options mentioned above, comparing features, and buying the one that works best for you. Baseball’s speed and precision can be better appreciated when you have the right tool in hand.

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Importance Of Using A Radar Gun In Baseball

Best Baseball Radar Guns

Baseball players and coaches can benefit from the use of radar guns. In addition to improving accuracy and consistency, pitch speed can be used to identify areas for improvement for pitchers. In order to identify areas for improvement and track progress over time, hitters can measure their exit velocity.

A radar gun is also commonly used in player development and scouting. The use of radar guns by professional scouts allows them to evaluate players and identify those who are likely to succeed at the highest levels. Trainers and coaches use radar guns to identify areas for improvement and track player progress over time.

In addition to video analysis and biomechanical assessments, these tools are often used together. It is possible for coaches and trainers to develop targeted training plans in response to players’ specific needs by combining multiple sources of data.

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How To Use A Baseball Radar Gun?

Best Baseball Radar Guns

It takes some skill and knowledge to use a baseball radar gun effectively. To use a radar gun effectively, follow these tips:

Calibrate the radar gun

Follow the manufacturer’s calibration instructions if your radar gun requires calibration before use.

Practice and experiment

It takes practice and experimentation to use a radar gun effectively. Radar guns can be used in a variety of ways and at different angles. Experiment with different drills and activities to maximize their effectiveness.

Use a tripod or stand

A tripod or stand may be included with some radar guns so they can be stabilized and measured accurately.

Radar gun position

A radar gun is recommended for measuring pitch speed directly behind the pitcher or catcher. Directly behind the hitter is the best place to position the radar gun to measure exit velocity.

Hold the radar gun steady

A radar gun that is shaken or moved can cause the measurement to be inaccurate. Holding the gun steady and avoiding moving it during measurement is crucial.

Avoid measuring in extreme temperatures

Radar guns can be affected by extreme temperatures, so it’s important to avoid very cold or extremely hot conditions when measuring.

Avoid obstructed views

There are many objects that can interfere with the radar gun’s signal, including fencing, netting, and other players. You should position the gun so that the ball can be seen unobstructed.

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How Did We Choose The Radar Guns?

Prior to getting into the article, let’s discuss some of the key factors you should consider when purchasing a radar gun. We’re looking for accuracy most of all. Having a radar gun that’s significantly off isn’t very useful, is it?

Your next consideration should be the speed range. A gun that only maxes out at 80 MPH won’t be very useful if you’re throwing 90 MPH.

It is also important to measure the range. In order to shoot at a distance, we need radar guns that are capable of doing so. The market has become increasingly data-driven, especially in today’s market. In order to measure the arm strength of an outfielder, 60 feet will not suffice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Expensive radar guns any better? 

The more expensive the radar gun, the better it is, without a doubt. As well as providing more features and advancements, they provide more accurate readings. Radar guns are not necessary for everyone, but it depends on your needs. 

Is the Bushnell radar gun accurate for baseball?

There is a high degree of accuracy with Bushnell radar guns. There is an accuracy distance of 75 feet at a 12° angle on most Bushnell guns, and they can reach up to +-1 mph. It may be possible for the accuracy to drop to +-3 if a distance of 60 feet is taken at a 20° angle.

How far away should a Pocket Radar be?

Pocket Radar Ball coaches can operate up to 120 feet away from their target.


What is the best baseball radar gun? In reality, becoming the best depends on a variety of factors. You should choose a low-priced item if your budget and requirements are limited. 

A low-priced item will not give you the highest level of performance, however, compared to a high-end item. 

Our goal is to help you determine which radar gun is best for you based on your needs and budget in this article. 

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